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Rechargeable Car Air Pump


Rechargeable Car Air Pump


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Rechargeable Car Air Pump

Sometimes life happens so you might need to inflate your tires on the road or during camping. Since it’s difficult to find an air pump in such situations, you always have The Rechargeable Car Air Pump around!


E ACE Car Tire Inflatable Pump Air Compressor Auto Air Pump for Car Motorcycle 12V Digital Tyre Inflator 150 PSI|Inflatable Pump| - AliExpress


It’s easy and convenient to carry in your car. You can connect your 12v charging cord socket and start pumping the tires in no time. Just set your desired pressure on the backlit LCD display gauge and it will accurately check tire pressures.


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Multifunctional, it inflates your car, bicycle, motorcycles, rv, suv, atv and truck. Tires., and even air mattress, airboat, air cushion, basketball, volleyball, and other balls with a power adapter.

Portable inflator, compact, and very convenient on a trip whenever you need it.


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Simple design, cigarette socket type can be inserted directly into the 3m line length to facilitate front and rear tire inflation.

Easy to use, just connect your 12v charging cord socket or other 12v socket and check your tire pressure.


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✓  Built-in removable digital pressure gauge
. The gauge checks tire pressures on all your wheels.

✓  Long-lasting bright led light at night. has 4 display units: psi, kpa, bar, kg/cm.


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✓  Specifications :

Size: 14.5*6*20.5cm

Power: 120w.

Operating voltage: dc 12v.

Maximum operating current: 10 a.

Maximum pressure: 150 psi.

Flow: 35 l/min.

Power cord length: 3 m.

Continuous working hours: 8 min.

Display units: kpa, psi, bar, kg/cm.



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✓  Package List: :

1* 150 psi car air pump.

3* nozzle adapters.

1* user manual


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Rechargeable Car Air Pump

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