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Car Diagnostic Scanner


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Car Diagnostic ScannerDo you wish you could know what’s wrong with your car without spending money on unnecessary repairs?

The Car Diagnostic Scanner won’t fix your vehicle but it can point out where the problem is, helping you save time and sometimes money if the problem is easy to fix by yourself.



Simply plug the Car Diagnostic Scanner into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and all data and settings will be accessible!


Get instant diagnosis for your car, order the Car Diagnostic Scanner!

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✓  Compatible with most American, European, and Asian car models manufactured after 1996.

✓  Full OBD-II functions; read codes, erase codes, live data, O2 sensor, I/M readiness, Milfault, vehicle info, EVAP system, View freeze, DTC code, on-board, all OBD II.

✓  Easy to set up; Plug & play (connect the diagnostic cable to the vehicle’s DLC socket, and the code reader obtains power directly from the vehicle, displaying the menu).

✓  DTC search function that will instantly give you the definition of any DTC (diagnostic trouble code); you will no longer waste time searching google!


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✓  Easy check for repairs, test on the road, check the monitor’s emission status, solve basic engine & driveability problems.

✓  Easy-to-use keypad; The reader has 4 button keypad buttons that make the menu super easy to scroll.

✓  Easily check engine light; clean the engine warning light after completing the complete obd2 diagnostics with ease.

✓  Supports 7 languages including English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, and German.


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✓  Supports all OBDII (on-board diagnostics II) protocols: kwp2000, iso9141, j1850 vpw, j1850 pwm, and controller area network.

✓  Durable & compact ergonomic design that easily & comfortably fits in the palm, unlike bulky devices that take up space!

✓  Cost-effective; it helps you avoid excessive costs for unnecessary car repairs.


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✓  Specifications :

Material: ABS

Color: black


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✓  Package list  :

1*  Car Diagnostic Scanner

1 * quick start guide


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Car Diagnostic Scanner

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