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Tires Electric Air Pump


Tires Electric Air Pump


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Tires Electric Air PumpHave you ever realized that your car or motorcycle tires needed to be pumped? And you were in the middle of nowhere and had to call assistance? Well, this won’t happen anymore if you have this Tires Electric Air Pump.




Portable, electric and powerful, this Tires Electric Air Pump will be priceless if your tires deflate during your trip. It’s perfect for all kinds of tires, from cars to bikes, or even your kids play balls. Easy to use and with a digital air pressure monitor, you will know the right pressure all the time. Smaller than a smartphone, you can carry it in your backpack when you’re riding your bike or motorcycle.

Never again run out of pressure with the Tires Electric Air Pump.

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✓  Premium quality material for long durability.

✓  Portable & powerful air pump, perfect for when your tires deflate during any trip.

✓  Small & lightweight so that you can easily carry it on your backpack when riding bikes & motorcycles.


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✓  Can be used in all kinds of tires, from cars to bikes.

✓  Digital air pressure monitor to ensure you know the exact pressure whenever you need.

✓  Dual-mode tire pressure setting, that allows you to inflate or deflate tire pressure.


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✓  Pure copper permanent magnet motors, providing enough power to inflate tires safely.

✓  Double-sided heat dissipation, so that it never overheats.

✓  Built-in lighting for nighttime use.


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✓  Specifications :

Material: Plastic

Input Voltage: DC 7.4V

Current: 6A max

Power: 45W Max

Battery pack: 18650×2,2000mAh each

Pressure gauge range: 5-150PSI

Operating Temperature: -10-60℃

Charging time: +- 3h30

Weight: 500g

Size: 5.12*3.15*1.8” / 13*8*4.6cm



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✓  Package list :

1* Electric Tires Air Pump


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Tires Electric Air Pump

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