One-Key Guitar Chord Trainer


One-Key Guitar Chord Trainer


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One-Key Guitar Chord Trainer


Do you miss playing the guitar? We have the perfect solution for you. The One-Key Guitar Chord Trainer attaches to your guitar and allows you to play chords without having to touch the strings directly. This will help you play comfortably with no string buzzing and less confusion.




Using the 18 buttons, you can now learn chords and practice songs with ease. This is a must-have for any guitar player who wants to improve their skills.


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✓ Relieve Finger Pain: The guitar learning tool has a round button design that eliminates the finger pain of pressing strings.

✓ Chord button: There are numbers on the button, and each button represents a chord. By pressing the button to play a specific chord, it is easy to remember.


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✓ Easy to install: The chord learning tool can be installed just fix the clip on the guitar with the included rubber band. The installation is simple, and there is no complicated process.

Prepare for Long-term Play: use this gadget to learn and master your guitar playing in the future.


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Material: ABS

Color: Black

Size: 106x52x22mm/4.17*2.05*0.87in


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1 x One-Key Guitar Chord Trainer


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One-Key Guitar Chord Trainer

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