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Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box



Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box

Aren’t you tired of always being scared of the items you touch? Your keys, earphones, charger, and even your face mask, especially now with it being short in supply and the fact that it’s difficult to find new ones. What you need is to sterilize all objects to re-use them with your mind at peace, and the best, most efficient one is the Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box!


Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box


This Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box is highly efficient as it can kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs with its UV light that was proven to be a great disinfector. It’s also super safe due to its intelligent protection chip that disconnects as soon as the lid opens. This Sterilizer Box is durable, compact, and portable to sterilize anything, anywhere!

Be safe with the best Sterilizer Box out there, and order your new Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box NOW!


Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box


✓  The ultraviolet sterilizer box will disinfect all of your small objects quickly and efficiently.

✓  LED UV disinfection that can kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

✓  Intelligent protection that automatically disconnects when the lid opens to protect you and your eyes.

✓  Safe & easy to use as it requires you to click on one button to start disinfecting your items.


Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box


✓  Perfect for sterilizing small objects like face masks, keys, coins, chargers, headphones, razors, etc.

✓  Durable & high-quality material that is built to last and not harm the environment.

✓  Lightweight & portable to keep with you all the time and to meet your daily needs.


Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box


✓  Specifications :

Product name: Portable UV disinfection box
Product Color: White
Induction method: magnetic
Number of lamp beads: 4 (LED)
Power: 2W
Power interface: USB
Battery: Three AAA batteries (not included)
Package size: 8.7×10.5×8.6cm


Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box


✓  Package List :

1* Sterilization box


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Ultraviolet Sterilizer Box

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