Electric Screwdriver



Electric Screwdriver

Don’t you hate those clumsy screwdrivers chores that are so unpractical? To assemble one screw, you will waste so much time looking for the right one and then cry because it wouldn’t get done easily. Additionally, you will end up with wrist pain due to the constant turning of the screws! Wouldn’t it be easier if you could use a screwdriver like a drill?

BS1 Electric Screwdriver Set, Cordless & Compact – Fungwai Curates

Well, you can! Introducing the Electric Screwdriver that will do all the jobs electrically! Just choose the right bit and click one button to assemble or disassemble any screw from any device so easily and quickly. This Electric Screwdriver comes in a revolutionary design that will get the task done 4 times faster! If you are into DIYs and fixing things by yourself, then the Electric Screwdriver is exactly what you need!

Electric Screwdriver

✓  The electric screwdriver can assemble and disassemble of high precision electronic devices, mini-sized products, and more.

Xiaomi Wowstick 19 in 1 Electric Screwdriver Repair Tools Kit

✓  Dual modes to operate that can work electrically and manually, independently or at the same time.

Electric Screwdriver

✓  Powered by two built-in AAA replaceable batteries (not included).

✓  18 different bits in all sizes and shapes to meet all of your needs.

Xiaomi Wowstick 19 in 1 Electric Screwdriver Repair Tools Kit

✓  Portable & compact screwdriver that you can carry anywhere.

Electric Screwdriver

✓  Self-locking design to avoid any damage and provide complete safety during use.

✓  Widely use on all devices, including laptops, smartphones, desktops, watches, etc.

Electric Screwdriver

✓  Specifications :

Color: White
Material: Aluminum
Mode Of Operation: Electric or Manual  (Free Switch)
Speed: 1 minute / 160 rpm (full power)
Electric torque peak: 0.2NM
Manual torque peak: 3NM
Power Supply: Two built-in AAA battery (not included)
Product weight: 55g
Package weight: 137g
Product Size: 16.6*1.6*1.6 cm / 6.5 * 0.6 * 0.6″
Package Size: 17*3.7*2.0cm / 6.7 *1.5 * 0.8″
Packing: Carton

Electric Screwdriver

✓  Package List :

1 * Electric Screwdriver
18 * Bit
1 * Bit Storage Pipe


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Electric Screwdriver

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