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Wooden Laptop Desk


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Wooden Laptop Desk

Did you know about the Hunched Over Laptop Syndrome? If you don’t know what that is, your back and neck pain will tell you!


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You’re guaranteed to experience back and neck strain if you sit on your laptop for too long without keeping a good posture. This is where the Wooden Laptop Desk comes to shine! This practical desk allows you to use your laptop while sitting on the sofa or lying in bed to stay comfortable and pain-free.


Destroy the Hunched Over Laptop Syndrome and order the Wooden Laptop Desk!



✓  Durable & solid desk that can withstand heavy loads (up to 22lbs) and not wear out.

✓  100% natural & eco-friendly bamboo that can last for a long time.

✓  Foldable desk legs that will let you save space when you don’t use the desk.




✓  Multifunctional desk; you can use it as a laptop desk, tablet holder, breakfast table, TV dinner tray, serving desk for patients/kids, reading or writing desk, and standing desk for office workers.

✓  Two metal latches that prevent desk leg wobbling and keep your laptop in place, allowing you to sit comfortably

✓  Bar that prevents your laptop from slipping from the desk and spares you from annoyance!




✓  Hollowed desktop design that lets heat dissipate and prevents laptop from overheating.

✓  4 gear adjustable desk height that fits people of different heights (no more slouching!) and allows various viewing experiences.

✓  Small drawer to store your pen, note pad or phone.

✓   20.87inch Beautiful sunflower engraving that makes for a fashionable-looking desk.



✓  Specifications :

Material: Bamboo

Color: Sandal Wood

Height: Adjustable 4 Gears

Weight: 4.76 lbs / 2.16 kg

Weight Capacity: 22 lbs / 10 kg




✓  Package list :

1* laptop desk


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Wooden Laptop Desk

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