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Smartphone Grip Stabilizer


Smartphone Grip Stabilizer


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Smartphone Grip Stabilizer

Does your phone keep slipping off your hands when trying to take pictures or shoot videos? You can have a better grip on your phone with the Smartphone Grip Stabilizer.



This smartphone stabilizer will help you capture beautiful moments with one hand! It comes with a mini tripod mount & a shutter button, preventing your phone from slipping or falling. It’s sweatproof, ergonomic, and very durable.


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✓ Grip your phone like a professional camera for steadier shots.

✓ Slim fit and durable leather for all-day comfort.


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✓ Sweatproof insulation to keep your hands dry.

✓ Compatible with 99% of mobile phones.


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✓ Capture photos and videos with ease using the wireless remote control.

✓ Two modes: self-standing and hand-held mode.


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Material: Plastic, leather

Color: As shown


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✓ Package List:

1 x Smartphone Grip Stabilizer


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Smartphone Grip Stabilizer

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