Wireless Bluetooth Ear hook


Wireless Bluetooth Ear hook


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Don’t you think the usual headphones and earbuds block your ears in an unhealthy way? They are known to cause a lot of damage in the long term, which is why it is not shocking seeing people losing their hearing ability quickly nowadays. 


Wireless Bluetooth Ear hook - Elicpower


Stand out from the crowd and protect your ears by wearing the new and advanced Wireless Bluetooth Ear Hook. With its C-shape design, your ears will be far from any damage as the earbuds set vibrations and transmit the sound waves to the cochlea directly. The sound quality is very impressive, and with the built-in mic, you will be able to make hands-free calls easily. The Bluetooth ear hook is sweat-proof, durable, compatible with the majority of devices, and of course, fashionable. 

The stylish and unique design of the Wireless Bluetooth Ear Hook will match your superior sound quality, fashionable style, and unbeatable convenience! 


Wireless Bluetooth Ear hook


✓ The wireless Bluetooth ear hook comes in a C-shaped design to comfortably embrace your ear for an extended period of time without causing any pain.

✓ Ergonomic design to easily fit your ear and not hurt it during the entire day.

✓ Healthy & safe as they don’t go inside your ears to cause you any damage.

✓ Detachable soft ear tip that can be rotated and adjusted for a clearer hearing.


Wireless Bluetooth Ear hook


✓ Upgraded 4.1 Bluetooth chip that provides strong compatibility and quick pairing to your device.

✓ Compatible with the majority of iOS and Android phones.

✓ Strong battery life & fast charging to provide more than 9 hours of music/talking time.

✓ Built-in mic & double noise reduction to improve the quality of your phone calls.


Wireless Bluetooth Ear hook


✓ Elegant & fashionable design to make you look very unique and chic.

✓ Durable, sweat-proof & ultra-lightweight material so you will never have to take the wireless earbuds off.

✓ Ideal for athletes, students, and business people in a hurry!


Wireless Bluetooth Ear hook

✓ Specifications:

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth distance: no obstructions 10 meters
Listening to music time: 1~2 hours Support up and down music/pause playback
Talk time: 1~2 hours
Standby time: 130 hours
Charging time: 1-2 hours
Working current: 22MA
Standby current: 4uA
Pairing mode: long press, red, blue and fast flash is pairing mode
English voice switching: When the red and blue lights alternately flash, press the power button twice.
Prompt tone: power on
Shutdown hint: power off
Pairing status prompt: paring
Connection prompt: you device is connected
Disconnect prompt: you device is disconnected
Low battery prompt: battery low


Wireless Bluetooth Ear hook - Elicpower


✓ Package Includes :

1* Ear-hook Wireless (Single-sided For Left or Right Ear)
1* USB Cable


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Wireless Bluetooth Ear hook

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