Wireless Under-Cabinet Light



Wireless Under-Cabinet Light

Isn’t it time to stop stumbling in the darkness? Turning on a lot of lights only to pick up something small from the cabinet? Turn these issues into history with the intelligent Wireless Under-Cabinet Light!


Wireless Under-Cabinet Light


The Wireless Under-Cabinet Light provides a warm, bright color without adding costs to your electricity bills and with no tools required! Just stick the LED Light anywhere you want and change its place anytime! And thanks to its sensor motion detector, you will not waste time looking for the switch again because it will turn on as soon as it detects you! The Wireless Under-Cabinet Light is safe, durable, efficient, eco-friendly, and of course, very useful!

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Wireless Under-Cabinet Light


✓  The wireless cabinet light will add a warm light to your kitchen and under your cabinets wirelessly.

✓  Motion sensor detector that will turn on only when you around to save energy.


Wireless Under-Cabinet Light


✓  Built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged anywhere using the USB charging cable.

✓  Stick-on lights that can attach to and detach from anywhere for easy replacement, with no tools and no screws required!


Wireless Under-Cabinet Light


✓  Efficient & eco-friendly LED light compared to traditional disposable light bulbs.

✓  Safe, durable & high-quality material that is ensured to provide beautiful light for a long time.

✓  Wide usage as the wireless LED light can be used in the closet, bathroom, bedroom, stairs, basements, attic, etc.


Wireless Under-Cabinet Light


✓  Specifications :

Color: Silver White

Size: 190*30*15mm

LED: 10pcs LEDs

Light Color: White Light

LED Brightness: 100lm (±20%)

Induction distance: 3m

LED Life: >=80000 hours

Influence Angle: 100° (±20%)


Wireless Under-Cabinet Light


✓  Package List :

1* Under cabinet light

1* USB charge cable


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Wireless Under-Cabinet Light

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