Waterproof Shoe Cover


Waterproof Shoe Cover


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Waterproof Shoe Cover

Rainy weather and watery roads can easily ruin your quality shoes! The water can soak straight through your sneakers and into your socks, which is one of the most hated feelings ever to experience! This is why all outdoor enthusiasts need the Waterproof Shoe Cover!


Kelhis® Waterproof Shoe Covers Size XL (46-50) Color Violet Delivery from Hong Kong in 2020 | Waterproof shoes, Shoe covers, Clean shoes


This Shoe Cover can keep any type of shoe dry and clean, thanks to its high-quality silicone material! They are water-resistant, durable, reusable, eco-friendly, and foldable to provide easy wear anytime and anywhere! Your shoes will be perfectly protected from the rain, snow, mud, dirt, sand, and more while still looking fancy! Plus, the Shoe Cover has special anti-slip material to keep you standing safe and strong!


So quick, get yours NOW!

These Waterproof Silicone Shoe Covers Protect Your Shoes From Anything


✓  The waterproof shoe cover is the perfect solution to protect your shoes from many things, including water and slippery mud.

✓  High-quality waterproof silicone material that can be used constantly without damaging your shoes.


Waterproof Shoe Cover


✓  Ultra-elastic shoe cover that stretches freely for comfortable wear.

✓  Durable, non-toxic silicone with great slip-resistant performance to ensure your safety when climbing or when it rains.


Waterproof Shoe Cover


✓  Simple & elegant appearance with different colors to pick from to fit your shoes.

✓  Foldable, lightweight & compact to easily wear and take off when you are outside.


Waterproof Shoe Cover


✓  Reusable & easy to clean with a long lifespan to never have dirty shoes again.

✓  Suitable for all outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, gardening, golf, etc.


Waterproof Shoe Cover


✓  Specifications :

Size: S, M, L

Net weight: 75g for S size, 112g for M size, 146g for L size

Material: Silicone

Temperature range: -40°C~240°C


Waterproof Shoe Cover


✓  Package List :

1* Pair of silicone shoe cover


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Waterproof Shoe Cover

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