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WIFI/Bluetooth Car Diagnostics


WIFI/Bluetooth Car Diagnostics


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WIFI/Bluetooth Car Diagnostics


Auto repair can be super expensive, and even more so when you’re on a budget!




Get yourself a device that uses the latest technology in OBD2 vehicles to diagnose problems & save both money and time. The WIFI/Bluetooth Car Diagnostics allows you to plug it into your vehicle, download the app to your phone or tablet, and read any trouble codes.


Order your WIFI/Bluetooth Car Diagnostics, troubleshoot all car troubles!

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✓  Mini adapter that connects to the vehicle OBD-connector and to any computer, smartphone, or tablet via WIFI or Bluetooth.

✓  Compatible with Android, iOS, PC.

✓  Stable wireless connection with no wires or batteries (adapter is powered by diagnostic size sockets).


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✓  Supports automatic VIN recognition, multiple service functions, and ECU coding.

✓  Reads, deletes and displays code descriptions problems-standard and spetskodov manufacturers.

✓  Real-time display on-car operating performance like force, vehicle speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, engine load, intake manifold pressure, throttle position, sensor values. oxygen, air intake tube temperature.


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✓ Measures fuel consumption & lets you download data to external media in a variety of print formats.

✓ Makes most of OBDII Petrol and 12V diesel cars, but can’t support all OBDII cars.

✓ Small & compact design that’s easy to use. Just plug and never turn off!


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✓ Specifications :

Color: As shown in images

Language: English

ELM327 operation system: Android smartphone & PC system


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✓ Package list :

1* 2 WIFI/Bluetooth Car Diagnostics adapter

1* CD

1* shipping box


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WIFI/Bluetooth Car Diagnostics

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