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UV Sterilizer Box


UV Sterilizer Box


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UV Sterilizer BoxWhat’s the point of sanitizing your hands when you are going to touch your phone instantly? It will be carrying the exact same bacteria you just got rid of. Plus, didn’t you know that phones carry more bacteria than toilet seats?


UV Sterilizer Box


Protect yourself fiercely by sanitizing your smartphone every day with the UV Sterilizer Box! This is not only a stylish ultraviolet sanitizer box but also an aromatherapy function that will allow your phone to smell like your favorite essential oil after sanitizing it from all angles. It will also charge your phone wirelessly and safely using QI technology at the same time!


Protect your health in a smarter way, use the UV Sterilizer Box!

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Efficient UV sanitizer that can eliminate 100% of germs by achieving all angles that cleaning wipes can’t reach.

Fully enclosed design to prevent UV exposure and ensures your phone gets completely sanitized.

Large sanitizing space that can clean smartphones that are up to 7.2 inches.


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Aromatherapy function that lets you add your favorite essential oil to help your device smell wonderful.

Wireless phone charger to help your phone remain fully charged when it’s on.


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Easy to use with English voice function and indicator light tips.

Great gift idea to ensure the safety of your loved ones.


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Specifications :

Input voltage: 5V
Max power: 9W
Item size: 218*126*55mm
Package Size: 305*170*65mm
Item weight: 320g
Gross Weight: 850g
Ultraviolet Wavelength: 253.7nm
Material: ABS, PC plastic


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Package List :

1* Sterilizer box


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UV Sterilizer Box

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