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UV Shoe DryerDuring this rainy season, your shoes are probably always wet and uncomfortable to wear, causing a lot of unpleasant smells, and risking your feet to a possible fungus infection! The worst part? You will not even be able to take them off when you go to someone’s house.


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What you need is our UV Shoe Dryer! Drying your shoes will become easier than drying your hair, just put them in any footwear of any size, and it will become good as new. And with UV sterilization, all the unpleasant odors and possible risks will be gone. The Shoe Dryer is a safe and high-quality product that runs quietly, thanks to its clever design that was made with the comfort and convenience of all customers in mind.


You will survive this winter, and every winter, easily with The UV Shoe Dryer!

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✓  Multifunctional shoe dryer that will also dehumidify, sanitize, deodorize, and more.

✓  UV sterilization to get rid of all bacteria and fungus for odorless and safe shoes

✓  Safe & constant heat temperature that is long-lasting but completely safe for your shoes.


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✓  Dual-core heat function to smartly remove damp and wet from your shoes.

✓  Silent motor to ensure your comfort and not cause any disturbance.

✓  Great for all types of footwear of any size like sneakers, boots, loafers, etc.


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✓  Three gear timer & a switch to help you control according to the thickness of your footwear.

✓  Premium material that provides great service and excellent durability.

✓  A necessity for winter to have odorless and dry shoes every day.


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✓  Specifications :

Power: 20W
Input voltage: 220 V-50 Hz
Product weight: 265g
Product size: 170mm * 71mm * 29mm
Control mode: by wire


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✓  Package List :

1* Shoe dryer


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UV Shoe Dryer

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