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Touchless Toilet Flush Water Saver


Touchless Toilet Flush Water Saver


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Touchless Toilet Flush Water Saver

Don’t want to touch the toilet flush? Want to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in Airbnb bathrooms or public bathrooms?



Simply position this touchless sensor flush over the toilet flush button, and let its infrared sensor detect user presence to automatically initiate the flush. With adjustable flushing frequency based on usage, it saves water, preventing unnecessary flushes and reducing water waste. It’s durable, battery-powered, and works for all toilets.

You can now keep your hands clean and save some money on water bills!

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Keep your hands clean with the automatic flush.

Adjust flushing frequency and save more water.


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Replaces manual push-type flush with intelligent infrared sensor flush.

Waterproof design and long-lasting 2000mAh battery for reliable performance.


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High sensitivity infrared sensing for quick and efficient flushing.

Built-in sensor adjusts flushing frequency to save water.


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Easy installation & durable ABS plastic construction.

Thoroughly removes odors and reduces infection risk.

Ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, and public places.


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Material: ABS
Induction timer: 0.25S
Rechargeable: 1800mAh


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1 x touchless toilet flush


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Touchless Toilet Flush Water Saver

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