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Sonic Electric Brush


Sonic Electric Brush


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Sonic Electric BrushDental tartar, plaque, cavities, and smoke stains are sure good at making a smile look spookier than intended! The look of your teeth is not the only thing that matters; keeping them healthy ensures that you will not need dental implants any time soon!


Sonic Electric Brush


And you can only be sure that your teeth are being properly cleaned when you use the Sonic Electric Brush. Unlike ordinary toothbrushes, this one deep cleanses teeth calculus, tartar, plaque, stains while protecting your gums, using LED light to help you see all the spots clearly while brushing.


Smile brighter and keep your real teeth for a long time. Order now!

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Ultrasonic toothbrush with 5 levels of intensity to match your preference and protect your gums.

High-frequency vibration that helps get rid of plaque build-up, smoke and coffee stains, etc.

Automatically stops when it touches soft gums to prevent gum bleeding.


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LED light to help you see clearly and brush your teeth thoroughly.

USB rechargeable with prolonged use; you can use it about 200 times after charging only once.


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Safe and comfortable to hold thanks to its silicone handle that won’t let it fall off easily.

IPX7 Waterproof, so you can use it without worrying about water damage.


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Specifications :

Power supply mode: USB

Control mode: Touch, sonic

Size: 210*25mm

Material: Silicone + ABS

Color: As shown




Package List :

1* Host

1* Packing box

1* Manual

1* Brush head

1* Data line

1* Tooth Scaler

1* Charging base


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Sonic Electric Brush

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