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Quick Cooling Cup


Quick Cooling Cup


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Quick Cooling CupDo you like your drink cold? Well, refrigerators take forever to cool it and ice would only water down your drink. The solution?


Cooling cup holder – CVNewHorizon


The Quick Cooling Cup, a revolutionary device to cool any drink 5x faster than a refrigerator! With a one-button start, your drink will become colder in a matter of minutes, safely. You can carry The Cooling Cup with you anywhere so you never have to deal with a warm drink again!


Cooling cup holder – CVNewHorizon


✓  Instant cooler! 5x faster than a refrigerator due to the advanced refrigeration chip that can cool a drink to 32°-41°F (0°-5°C) in 15 minutes.

✓  High purity special food-grade aluminum that ensures your safety.

✓  Anti-slip mat on the bottom to never drop the cooling cup.


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✓  Silent motor that doesn’t make a single noise.

✓  Energy-saving design that prevents cold air from spilling to save energy.


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✓  Lightweight & portable to carry anywhere, like your office, school, picnic, travel, parties, etc.

✓  Suitable for any drink you want to cool down.


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✓  Specifications :

Cup capacity: 400ML

Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz

Power: 3A-5A (W) Voltage: 220V



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✓  Package List :

1 * Cooling Cup

1 * Power adapter

1 * Instruction


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Quick Cooling Cup

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