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Programmable Countdown Timer Socket


Programmable Countdown Timer Socket


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Programmable Countdown Timer Socket

Want to prevent your smartphone devices from overcharging? Want to control the time your phone or other devices charge up or control how long certain appliances stay “on”?

Check out the Programmable Countdown Timer Socket. With dual 5V2A USB ports, it allows you to easily power your electrical appliances and charge your devices simultaneously while protecting them from overcharging and overheating, and as a result, extending their battery life.



You can program this socket timer to supply power at specific intervals. This feature helps you automate ‘on’ and ‘off’ times, ensuring energy is used efficiently and only when necessary, slashing your bills! Whether it’s your iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, or MP4 device, you can keep them charged without the stress of swapping plugs or overloading your sockets!



Dual 5V2A USB power supply outputs allow simultaneous use of appliances and device charging.

Fire retardant + Advanced protection from short circuits, overcharging, and over-voltage incidents.


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Compatible with multiple devices; Phones, iPads, MP3 players, and MP4 devices.

Programmable timer for setting specific ‘on’ and ‘off’ times for efficient power use.

Low no-load power consumption (less than 0.3W) for energy efficiency.


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Voltage: 230V/50Hz

Max load power: 3680w

USB port Out Rating: 5V 2.1A

Working voltage:180~260V AC

Voltage frenquency:47~63Hz

Working current:16A

Time Range: Count down 1hour-10hours

lP Level: IP20

Operation Temperature: o°C to +40℃

Time Accuracy:+-3min

Shortest Switching Time: 1 hour


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1 x Timer Socket



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Programmable Countdown Timer Socket

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