Virtual Laser Keyboard



Virtual Laser Keyboard

Typing on your phone or tablet can be extremely uncomfortable and can take a lot of your time, let alone the endless typos that drive you insane!! The solution? A little, revolutionary gadget called the Virtual Laser Keyboard!


Laser Keyboard Projector – Blu's XSRE's


Amaze yourself and give your thumbs a break with this efficient, clever, and fascinating virtual Laser Keyboard that can project a QWERTY keyboard on any flat surface to end your sufferance! You can turn your phone into a computer within seconds for faster typing and fewer typos. This Laser Projection Keyboard is also widely compatible with many devices!


The future is here because you can type out of thin air now with the Virtual Laser Keyboard!

Virtual Laser Keyboard


✓  The virtual laser keyboard will virtually project a red QWERTY keyboard on any flat surface to ease use for you.

✓  Intelligent sensor module that recognizes the movement and location of your fingers.

✓  Bluetooth 2.0 that can easily pair with your device and provide a great connection.


Virtual Laser Keyboard


✓  Full-size key pitch & shortcut keys for easy operation.

✓  Highly compatible with many devices, including Android 2.1 or above, iOS 4 or above, Windows XP or above, Mac OS, and Windows Phone 7 or above.

✓  Durable material & built-in rechargeable battery that provides long service life.

✓  Compact & ultra-portable for easy mobility and to use anywhere you go.


Virtual Laser Keyboard


✓  Specifications :

Red light: long bright – Charging Off – Charging complete

Blue light: Blinking – Pairing Status Off – pair

Yellow light: flashes once – start normally

USB connection mode

Method: USB device is connected

USB Interface: standard USB Mini-B type

Interface Specification: USB HID keyboard

Input power: 1A 5V USB Charge

Virtual Laser Keyboard


✓  Package List :

1* Virtual laser keyboard

1* USB cable

1* User manual


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Virtual Laser Keyboard

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