Negative Ion Air Purifier


Negative Ion Air Purifier


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Negative Ion Air Purifier

Does your home or office smell weird? Do you wish you could inhale pure air instead of dust?! Easy, get yourself the Negative Ion Air Purifier.




This purifier uses negative ions to remove small particles in the air. This can help reduce odors, remove dust or smoke, and make the air fresher. And don’t worry, it’s safe and power-saving! Order your air purifier, breathe some fresh air!


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✓ All-round: more than 5 million negative ions are released around to remove foul odors, dust, and other particles.

✓ Power-saving: smart a chip power saving scheme, durable.


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✓ Easy to use: one button switch, eliminating the cumbersome dialing and inserting. Plug and play.

✓ Compact and small, and does not block other rows.

✓ Widely applicable: you can use it in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet, study room, office, etc.


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Color: White,Green,Pink,Black(optional)

Type: EU, US(optional)

Power supply: AC

Control method: push-button

Application area: 41㎡ (inclusive)-60㎡ (inclusive)


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1 * Negative Ion Air Purifier


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Negative Ion Air Purifier

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