Moving Robot Home Security Cam


Moving Robot Home Security Cam


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Moving Robot Home Security Cam


Worried about your kids, pet, or valuables at home? The Moving Robot Home Security Cam helps you keep an eye on your home when you’re away. This smart robot has a built-in HD camera that streams video and audio to your phone, so you can see and hear everything going on in real-time. Plus, it comes with a remote control so you can contact your kids or let your pet hear your voice via live stream.




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Access Anywhere


Ebo connects to WiFi, allowing you to monitor your pet with HD video and sound on the mobile app.


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Capture, Record and Play


Ebo is equipped with a 1080p HD camera. Take photos, video, or play with your cat via live stream.


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Autonomous movements


Ebo wheels roll and dance on their own and are equipped with collision sensors.


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Real-life interaction


Ebo’s eyes, movements, and sounds mimic real-life play keeping your cat engaged day after day.


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Social sharing APP


The Ebo app comes with tons of editing and social features to help you share your fluffball with the world.


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Self-Return to Charging Dock


Ebo automatically returns to its dock when it needs to charge. You don’t have to do a thing.


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Set a Schedule


Program Ebo to wake up and go to sleep when it suits you best. Ebo works around your schedule.


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Activity Tracking Collar


Monitor your cat’s health metrics activity with Ebo activity tracker.


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Present in Ebo Pro Artificial Intelligence


Present in Ebo Pro, AI algorithms detect your cat’s mood and adapt to its unique play style and personality.


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Weight: 223g

Resolution: 1080P


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1 x camera robot


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Moving Robot Home Security Cam

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