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Motion Detector Alarm


Motion Detector Alarm


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Motion Detector Alarm

Are you a heavy sleeper? Well, if the wailing siren of a passing fire truck doesn’t disturb your slumber, then yes, you are! But that’s not the issue! The real problem is that people like you are an easy target for burglars, vandals, and other criminals that typically target properties.


Motion Detector Alarm


The solution? This Wireless Infrared Motion Sensor Alarm is an ideal and affordable way to protect yourself, your family, and your property. No worries. It’s super easy to install and can fit in almost every space.


So, want to order one? Do it now!

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✓  Simple, easy to install, and super convenient to use! You won’t need any wire to connect. Just put in the required batteries, and that’s it!

✓  Practical Motion Detector Alarm as you can easily mount it to a wall or desktop to protect your home.

✓  Features a wide 150-degree wide-angle degree field of view, which is more than enough to cover any large room or open space.


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✓  Built-in PIR motion sensor, which means if any movement is detected, the alarm will be automatically activated.

✓  Comes with up to 6 meters of motion detection, the sensor can easily be set up to protect entryways, windows, or even interior doors.

✓  Comes with 2 remote controls that allow you to arm and disarm your motion sensor.


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✓  A great solution for those interested in securing their property but not yet ready to spend hundreds installing complicated security cameras or a storage network.

✓  Features remote-controlled distance: 3 to 7 meters

✓  The sensor requires 4x AA batteries (not included)


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✓  Specifications :

Connection Type: Wireless

Detection area: 150-degree wide-angle

Item Type: Infrared Detector

Arming Type: FR Remote-controller

Kit Configuration: Door/Window Sensor alarm sound: 105 dB

Usage: Door

Powered: 4x AA batteries (not included)

Material: plastic

Size: 12*88*50mm



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✓  Package List :

1*Alarm sensor

2*Remote control

1*Mount bracket


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Motion Detector Alarm

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