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Moon Lamp Astronaut Humidifier


Moon Lamp Astronaut Humidifier


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Moon Lamp Astronaut HumidifierCold, dry air sucks out the moisture from your skin, eyes, and sinuses. It gets even worse when the furnace is on!


Moon Lamp Astronaut Humidifier


A humidifier is a go-to solution in winter. The Moon Lamp Astronaut Humidifier, however, is the go-to humidifier for those of us who like to add a creative and sensual touch to their home space! This one doubles as a humidifier and an enchanting 3D moon lamp with an astronaut figurine sitting on top!


Humidify & beautify your home. Order now!

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Aromatherapy humidifier to please your senses and prevent dry skin and sinuses indoors this winter!

Soft and cozy 3D moon lamp to light up your bedroom, office desk, living room, or library shelves.


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Detachable magnet astronaut figurine decoration releasing moisture and adding a creative vibe to your space!

USB rechargeable, has a touch switch, and three colors to match your mood.

It comes with a wooden stand that keeps it balanced on any surface.


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Specifications :

Material: resin + wood

Color: As shown

Size: 13*13*28cm



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Package List :

1* Moon Lamp Astronaut Humidifier

1* Wooden stand

1* USB cable


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Moon Lamp Astronaut Humidifier

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