High Pressure Spray Nozzle


High Pressure Spray Nozzle


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High Pressure Spray Nozzle


Want to clean your car fast, without shedding a sweat? The Car Wash Gun Washer Spray Nozzle is the solution you’ve been waiting for. This powerful nozzle attaches easily to your garden hose and lets you wash your car quickly and safely from the comfort of your driveway or garage. With a 4-layer pressurization design for high flow and efficiency, this nozzle offers a superior car wash experience.




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Large Rotary Switch


The rotary switch for patterns is half the size of the spray gun, and the handle offers a proper grip, more convenient to use.


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5 Spray Patterns


Multiple spray patterns for different needs, making it powerful and reliable even if your car hasn’t been washed for a full year!


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One-key Switch, Save Time and Effort


One-key switch, sensitive rebound for more smooth switching, making it more practical & easier to use.


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You can use it to wash your car, water your garden, fill your inflatable pool, and much more.


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Water Pipes Length: 5-10m

Nozzle Material: Alloy


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1 x water gun


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High Pressure Spray Nozzle

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