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Garage Smart Parking Traffic Light


Garage Smart Parking Traffic Light


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Garage Smart Parking Traffic Light

Are you tired of dents and scratches on your car from parking mishaps in the garage?

Meet the Garage Smart Parking Traffic Light that uses LED lights and audible alerts to guide parking. As your vehicle approaches, changing light colors and alarm frequencies indicate your distance from the parking spot, ensuring safe and accurate parking.



The green light turns on at 2.5 meters, and a low-frequency alarm sounds. At 1.5 meters, the yellow light turns on with a medium-frequency alarm. When your car is about 0.5 meters away, the red light switches on accompanied by a rapid frequency alarm, allowing you to park with precision even in the darkest conditions.

Installation is a breeze; you can mount it on the wall using double-sided foam tape or screws. Get yours now for stress-free and precise parking every time!

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Prevents Damage: aids in preventing dents and scratches on your vehicle during garage parking.

LED Stop Sign: Features a flashing LED stop sign that alerts when the vehicle gets too close.


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Three-Stage Indicator: Uses a three-stage light and sound system that indicates when your vehicle is 2.5 meters, 1.5 meters, and 0.5 meters away from the parking spot.

Easy to Install: Easy to install, with the option of using double-sided foam tape or screws for wall-mounting.


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Adjustable: The device can be adjusted according to your vehicle’s height, making it suitable for any car.

Ready-to-Use: This parking aid is ready to use straight out of the box, ideal for tight spaces.


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Material: ABS

Item Weight: 200g


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Garage Smart Parking Device


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Garage Smart Parking Traffic Light

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