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Fuel Transfer Pump


Fuel Transfer Pump


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Fuel Transfer PumpHave you ever found yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to transfer fuel to your car so that you can get to work on time? I know it sucks!


Fuel Transfer Pump


Still, no worries! This portable and easy to use Fuel Transfer Pump is ideal for emergencies, allowing a hassle-free and mess-free fuel transfer!


What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Fuel Transfer Pump


Premium quality Rubber hand pump with 2 flexible and durable PVC transparent hoses that provides quick & hassle-free fluid transfer.

Double-check valve design, featuring faster flow rate, two-way check valve, and quick oil output.


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Built-in Hand pump, allowing you to quickly transfer liquid from one container to another.

Wide Usage perfect for fuel, petrol, diesel, gasoline, oil, water, and other common liquids.


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More efficient & mess-free. No more spilling gas or struggling with pouring by hand and using a funnel that never seems to work correctly.

Simple operation, allowing you to quickly and easily transfer fuel, gasoline, oil, diesel, and other common liquids from one container to another.

Portable & lightweight, you can easily carry it with you and use it whenever needed!


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Specifications :

Product Type: Fuel Transfer Pump

Material: PVC, Rubber, Copper

Quantity: 2 * pipes, 1 *pump

Pipe length: 1.5 M/2M(Optional)

Pipe diameter: 16mm inner diameter, 20mm outer diameter

Suitable For Transfer of Liquids as Gasoline, Diesel, Oil, Water, etc.


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Package List :

1*Oil Transfer Pump Kits



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Fuel Transfer Pump

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