Foldable Rotatable Clip-on Guitar Tuner


Foldable Rotatable Clip-on Guitar Tuner


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Foldable Rotatable Clip-on Guitar Tuner


Need help figuring out what pitch you are playing or getting your instrument in tune? This clip-on tuner will tell you if you are sharp or flat.




It’s fast, accurate and portable – works for guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin. Plus, it has a clear LED display and a rotating design so you can get the perfect viewing angle.


You’ll never have to worry about being out of tune again. Order now and we’ll ship it right to your door.


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✓ Compact size clip-on tuner for chromatic/ guitar/ bass/ ukulele/ violin.

✓ One-button operation, easy and convenient to use.


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✓ LCD display, 2 colors backlight: green- in tune, white- out of tune.

✓ Rotatable design, allows you to have the best viewing angle.

To help you find the accurate tuning of your instrument.


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Color: Black

Pitch Range: 440Hz

Tuning Accuracy: ±0.5 cent

Power Supply:1 * CR2032 Battery (not included)

Item Weight: 18.5g / 0.7oz


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1 x Clip-on tuner

1 x user manual


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Foldable Rotatable Clip-on Guitar Tuner

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