Smart Anti-snoring Device


Smart Anti-snoring Device


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Smart Anti-snoring Device


Tired of being kept up at night by your partner’s snoring? The Smart Anti-snoring Device is a wearable device that helps to stop snoring. It uses high-precision sensors to detect when you’re snoring and then sends vibrations through your jaw muscles to help you breathe easier and stop snoring.




Get one for yourself or a loved one!

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✓ Will automatically and accurately detect snoring through high-precision sensors,

✓ Get a good night’s sleep and reduce snoring with the Smart Anti-snoring Device.


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✓ Improved airflow for smoother breathing and reduced snoring.

Comfortable strap, easy to wear, and won’t fall off or hurt you.


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Color: Black

Material: ABS+PC


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1*Intelligent snoring device

1 *USB data cable

2 * Ear Strap


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Smart Anti-snoring Device

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