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Electronic Mosquito Slayer


Electronic Mosquito Slayer


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Electronic Mosquito Slayer

Have mosquitoes been disturbing your sleep lately? Prepare to lose sleep and get annoyed 24/7 throughout spring and summer if you don’t get a good mosquito repellent!


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The Electronic Mosquito Slayer designed as an elegant lamp with mosquito-attracting LED light skillfully traps and slays the annoying mosquitos. It’s USB rechargeable and you can use it outdoors for camping, car rides, etc.


Mosquitos will no longer be out for your blood with the Electronic Mosquito Slayer guarding you and even your kids!

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High-quality sturdy material designed as a lamp; spirally surrounded & with two-wire structure.

360° purple light that attracts mosquitoes in any direction and traps them.

High voltage power (5V) grid that zaps and kills mosquitoes in your bedroom, living room, anywhere.


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Triple noise reduction quality lets you sleep peacefully unlike ordinary repellents.

20dB running noise feature (leaves fall & indoor whisper); it helps your baby sleep soundly.

USB rechargeable with a built-in battery that can be unplugged (charges for 1 hour, can be used for 30 nights).


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Charges with car charger, power bank, PC.

Suitable for outdoor use while camping or during car rides.

Safe to use & easy to clean using a cleaning brush.


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Specifications :

Rated voltage: 5V

Rated power: 10V

Battery capacity: 2200mAh

Dimensions: 69 x 125mm


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Package list  :

1*  Insect killer lamp

1* USB cable

1* Cleaning brush

1*  Manual


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Electronic Mosquito Slayer

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