Electric House Air Purifier Ionizer


Electric House Air Purifier Ionizer


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Electric House Air Purifier Ionizer


Polluted indoor air can cause a wide range of health problems, from asthma to allergies. This house air purifier work by releasing negative ions into the environment. These ions attach to dust, smoke, and other pollutants, causing them to clump together so they can be easily removed from the air. Using this in your office, car, or home, you can finally breathe peacefully!




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Purifies the air, removing smoke and other particles.

Releases up to 20 million negative ions per cubic meter.


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Compact and easy to use, for purifying the air anytime, anywhere.

Casual tone of voice makes it relatable and easy to understand.


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✓ Specifications:

Material: ABS+metal

Color: White

Size: 11*4*3cm

Weight: 35g

Negative ion concentration: 20 million pcs/cm³

Power plug type: USB

Working principle: negative ion

Noise: 36dB

Air volume of air purifier: 301-400 m³/h

Applicable area: 31 ㎡-40 ㎡

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✓ Package List:

1* House Air Ionizer

1* English User Manual


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