Electric Heated Lunch Box

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Electric Heated Lunch Box

During this most difficult time of our lives, many of us find it safer to pack their own food than to eat in a fast-food restaurant. Plus, it’s more economical and healthy that way! But most times, we end up eating it cold because we don’t have simple access to the microwave. Well, not anymore…


Portable Electric 12V Heated Lunch Box – KniqKnax


Say hello to The Electric Heated Lunch Box that will warm your food without the need to microwaves or ovens! It’s ergonomic, compact, and basically, the best solution to enjoy a homemade prepared meal, save your money, and remain healthy. The Heated Lunch Box can heat your food at home, office, and even your car! You have no more excuses to eat out again! 

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✓  The electric heated lunch box will warm your food for you to ensure a healthy, delicious lunch every day.

✓  Food warmer at home, office, and vehicles for drivers who spend their days on the road.

✓  PTC heating elements that are safer, energy saver, and more convenient.




✓  All-in-one design with foldable carrying handle, small compartment for your spoon/fork, air vent to release steam, and power indicator to show when your food is ready to eat.

✓  High-temperature resistance to provide safe use. 

✓  Automatic turn off after 30 minutes to ensure your safety.




✓  Durable & high-quality food-grade material to ensure the safety of your food.

✓  Portable food warmer that is easy to heat and to keep your food warm long enough.





✓  Note :

✓  DON’T add liquid to the lunch box’s base to avoid short circuits.





✓  Specifications :

Size: 238 x 170x 108mm
Power: 40W
Voltage: 12V-24V + 110V-240V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Capacity: 1.1-1.2L
Adapter Cable Length (for home): 121cm
Adapter Cable Length (for car): 78cm
Plug specification: US Plug/EU Plug






✓  Package List :

1* Heated Lunch Box
1* Adapter Cable for home
1* Adapter Cable for car


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Electric Heated Lunch Box

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