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Astronomical Telescope


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Astronomical TelescopeAre your little ones interested to explore what secrets hid in the sky? Or you have a deep love for astronomy you need to fulfill? The sky is too fascinating to leave without discovering, and our Astronomical Telescope will help you!



This amazing Astronomical Telescope will help you see the skies with great clarity; you will actually see the moon with all crisp details and learn more about the stars. It comes with an adjustable and stable tripod to allow easy use for anyone above the age of 8.


Plant the love of astronomy in your kids’ hearts, maybe one day they will be astronauts! Get The Astronomical Telescope.

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Steady telescope for astronomy beginners to help them learn about space and the universe.

Excellent-quality optics with high transmission coatings to provide stunning views.

High-magnification with replaceable eyepieces to help you see details of the moon with ease.


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Safe telescope that will keep your eyes protected when exploring.

Stable & adjustable tripod to help you use it in different positions without shaking or falling.

Portable telescope to take anywhere and to explore the universe wherever you want.


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High-quality material that is provides high-durability.

Multifunctional telescope that allows you to observe birds and animals, too.

Great gift idea for beginner astronomers and curious people to help them explore the unknown.


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Specifications :

Item Name: Astronomical Telescope

Type: table type

Focal Length: 300mm

Barlow Lens: 1.5X and 3X

Eyepiece: H20 mm (15X) and H6 mm (50X) eyepiece

Total Magnification: 15X-150X

Objective Diameter: 70mm

Tripod Height: 390 mm

Suitable for: children, students (above age 8)

Net Weight: about 1570 g


Astronomical Telescope_0015_153in.jpg


Package List :

1*telescope tube

1*1.5X erecting eyepiece

1*3X Barlow lens


1*tripod (15inch height)

1*H20mm eyepiece

1*H6mm eyepiece

1* moon filter

1* diagonal lens




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Astronomical Telescope

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