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3/4/5 Adjustable Light Socket Splitter


3/4/5 Adjustable Light Socket Splitter


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3/4/5 Adjustable Light Socket Splitter

Is your lighting too weak or too strong? Do you want lighting that is balanced yet bright enough to keep your eyes relaxed and focused and make even pictures look better?  Check out this Adjustable Socket Splitter.


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This adapter allows you to install 3, 4, or 5 bulbs in one single socket at the same time. Each socket can be adjusted to the desired direction, giving you the flexibility to customize your lighting setup. Say goodbye to the limitations of a single bulb and embrace the enhanced brightness, depth, and control that multiple bulbs provide.


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Install 3, 4, or 5 bulbs in one single socket simultaneously.

Adjustable sockets allow you to customize the direction of each bulb.


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More brightness, depth, and control in your lighting setup!

Create captivating photos and videos with enhanced illumination.

Achieve the perfect lighting environment in your bedroom, office, living room, etc.


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Support power: 60W each socket

Voltage:  85-265V


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1 x bulb splitter



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3/4/5 Adjustable Light Socket Splitter

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