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2 In 1 Portable Wireless Beater


2 In 1 Portable Wireless Beater


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2 In 1 Portable Wireless Beater

Do you wish for a kitchen tool that provides freedom and flexibility? Our 2-in-1 Beater is wireless, allowing you to use it anywhere in your home, even on the living room table. No more constraints from tangled wires! Whether you’re baking or cooking, this tool adapts to your needs.




With its double-stick configuration and interchangeable stirring heads, you have the freedom to choose the right tool for the task at hand. The flexible five-speed regulation enables precise control with just a single key. Switch between gears effortlessly, giving each food item its ideal texture and temperature. Not only does it deliver outstanding performance, but it also saves you time and effort.

Say goodbye to tedious stirring and hello to a more relaxed kitchen experience.

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Wireless and portable design for convenient use anywhere.

Double stick configuration with interchangeable stirring heads.


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Flexible five-speed regulation for precise control.

Powerful motor for high-speed blending.


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Compact and easy to carry for on-the-go cooking.

Simple disassembly and easy cleaning for hassle-free maintenance.


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Material: ABS

Power: 150W and below

weight: about 255g

Capacity: 250ML


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1 * Egg Beater

2 * Mixing head

1 * Garlic cup



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2 In 1 Portable Wireless Beater

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