128Pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Kit


128Pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Kit


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128Pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Kit


It’s hard enough finding the time to fix things around the house, let alone having to search for the right tool. The Magnetic Bits DIY Dismountable Screw Driver is here to save the day! This 128-in-1 screwdriver set has all of the bits you need to fix anything in your home. The magnetic design keeps everything organized and easy to find, and the body feeling paint makes it easy to grip. 




Now you can fix your machines, door knobs, doorbell, tech devices, and more with one mini screwdriver set. Order yours!


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✓ 128 in 1 precision screwdriver set with a wide range of functions (Phillips, Flathead, Torx, Torx Security, Pentalobe, Triwing and more).

✓ Waterproof, compressive and moisture-proof, sturdy and durable.


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✓ CR-V steel construction makes the bits resistant to wear, oxidation and corrosion.

✓ Engraved part number and size on each bit for easy recognition.


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✓ Ergonomic handle made of aluminum alloy, built-in magnet on the handle head, it will actively absorb the drive bits.

✓ The super smooth swivel cap allows you to apply constant pressure while rotating.


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Type: Screwdrivers

Customized: No


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1 x 128 piece set


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128Pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Kit

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