Ultraviolet UV Light

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You tire yourself daily scrubbing your home with harmful chemicals, hoping to kill the bacteria haunting you and your family. But did you know that you don’t even kill half of them? You only add more risks: the damages caused by the chemicals of the cleaning products. 

UV light disinfect

To protect your family, you need to switch to the Ultraviolet UV Light because, unlike the chemicals, the UV light provides fast and effective inactivation of microorganisms. In other words, it kills all the bacteria and germs covering your home without leaving an appropriate environment for them to breed again. The entire room will be completely disinfected from all bacteria, including E.coli and even influenza.

Who knew you can get rid of all dangerous bacteria and germs without working too hard for it? 

UV light Sanitizer


✓  The ultraviolet UV light can sterilize, disinfect, and remove mites from your bed, couch, pillows, carpet, and everywhere to protect your health.

✓  Effectively removes odor and the bacteria that cause it for a more cleaned air and cleansed house. 

✓  Double sterilization to effectively get rid of all bacteria and guarantee your safety.

✓  High-quality Quartz glass tube with a high projection rate that is durable and provides a strong sterilization effect.

✓  Multifunctional UV light because it can be used anywhere in the house.

✓  Easy to use & 2 different plugs to choose from (US / EU). 


 Caution :

  • The ultraviolet UV light can be to the skin and eyes, don’t look at it directly when the light is up!
  • People, plants, and pets should be exposed to the light. 
  • Open the windows after use to allow the room to ventilate for 15 minutes before you enter. 


Specifications :

Type: UV Disinfection lamp 

Emitting color: Bluish violet 

Bracket material: Aluminum bracket 

Voltage: 110V/220V 

Wattage: 8W 

Lamp type: T5 (G5) 

Glass bulb type: Round tube 

Length: approx. 235(mm)/310(mm) 

Disinfection area: 129ft²/12m²

Suggest period: 1-3 tims/week 

Suggest sterilization time: 30-60 minutes once


Package List :

1* Ultraviolet UV Light



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Ultraviolet UV Light