Shower Speaker for iPhone

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If you like feeding your soul with good music, the chances are that you sing your heart out whenever you have the opportunity, say, in your way to work, while cooking, driving, and even when taking a shower, right?  Well, if you don’t because you are scared that the water ruins your iPhone, it’s time to get yourself this amazing Portable Bluetooth shower speaker! Trust us! You can’t help but fall for it!

And guess what? This AMAZING  Free Hand Speaker can be also used to answer phone calls while driving. Hence, this little waterproof speaker device will not only bring joy and happiness to your life but will also help you remain safe and sound while on the road. 

✓  Incredible Sound And Clarit:

This is the best Bluetooth speaker you can ever purchase! This small yet complete waterproof speaker can allow you to enjoy listening to your favorite songs and playlists thanks to its  Built-in microphone that comes with a high-quality audio decode chip. The portable device speaker will also allow you to answer incoming calls with amazing sound and voice quality.

✓  Don’t Let The Size Fool You!

This shower speaker will change your life and make it easier and much more convenient! It’s true that this portable shower speaker comes in a small size, but it is complete and has everything you are looking for! It supports wireless Bluetooth transmission by adopting a new technology of Bluetooth 4.1 chip. It is hands-free, waterproof, and also comes with a Built-in Microphone. Above all, it’s easy to carry and can be used anywhere. Cool!

✓  Water Is No Longer A Threat!

Are you being overprotective of your expensive iPhone? Well, you are not the only one. But guess what? Water is no longer a threat as you can now purchase this portable and hands-free Bluetooth shower speaker and use it to listen to your favorite music and answer your incoming calls even when you are in the shower, which is Amazing!

✓  Hands-free!

Busy baking your favorite, yummy cupcakes or simply stuck on the traffic and trying to find your way out, but at the same time you have to answer an important call?  Well, you CAN. Yes, you read it right as with this amazing hands-free Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy an amazing sound and voice quality without having to hold your iPhone against your ear.

✓  Can Suck On Any Flat Surface!

We must admit that this is one of the best and most interesting features! This waterproof portable Bluetooth shower speaker comes with suction-cup placement, which allows it to easily suck on any flat surface, including your desk, wall, window, car dashboard, and more!

✓  Enjoy The Fun Of Wireless!

Interestingly, this amazing  Bluetooth Shower Speaker is compatible with a variety of  Bluetooth-enabled devices and mobile phone applications. The perk: It comes in many different beautiful colors! What are you waiting for? No need to think twice, Get Yours And ENJOY THE FUN OF WIRELESS!


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Shower Speaker for iPhone