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Air Purifier Necklace


Air Purifier Necklace


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Air Purifier Necklace

Going out during these scary seasons is truly a risk, which is why you need to keep your personal space purified at all times. Besides wearing a face shield and keeping distance, you should also wear The Air Purifier Necklace.


Air Purifier Necklace


The Air Purifier Necklace is proven to transform particles, smoke, and smoke to clean, fresh air by releasing 5 million negative ions. It’s the ideal way to eliminate contaminates and inhale purified air. Protect yourself at all costs and allow only clean filtered air around you by wearing The Air Purifier Necklace that is also safe, lightweight, silent, and fashionable!


Get The Air Purifier Necklace for a healthier life!  Order now! 


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✓  The air purifier necklace will efficiently purify your surroundings and prevent pollutants, smoke, dust, and more.

✓  Powerful function as it releases 5 million negative ions to purify the air around you.


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✓  Rechargeable battery that provides up to 15 hours of use time.

✓  Safe with no radiation & no noise due to the mute effect.


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✓  Compact, lightweight & portable to wear around your neck every day for better health.

✓ Fashionable necklace that is an ideal gift for your loved ones.


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✓  Warning :

People with heart conditions should not use this item!


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✓  Specifications :

Product size: about 39 * 39 * 16.5mm
Voltage: DC5V
Power: <1W
Current: <12mA
Material: ABS
Silent decibel: ≤25db
Color: black, blue, silver, rose gold (optional)
Charging time: about 1 hour
Working time: about 12 hours
Charging method: USB magnetic



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✓ Package List :

1* Air purifier necklace

1* USB charging cable


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Air Purifier Necklace

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