Wireless Phone Holder Speaker


Wireless Phone Holder Speaker


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Wireless Phone Holder Speaker


It’s pretty uncomfortable, if not frustrating, to watch videos on your phone or tablet while holding them. Even more so when you use the wall or another object as support to watch with earphones plugged but your device keeps falling face down!




With the Wireless Phone Holder Speaker, you can listen to music and watch videos without having to hold your phone. It is rechargeable, foldable, and the sound quality is very high. Plus, it’s very portable and lightweight so that you can take it anywhere with ease.


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Durable ABS silicone speaker and bracket as one device. It’s very practical and you can take it anywhere!

USB Rechargeable with Bluetooth 5.0 that you can connect to your phone and enjoy high quality sound.

Stable & reliable to keep your phone in place and enjoy a hands-free watching experience.

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Specifications :

Material: ABS plastic + silica gel

Color: black

Product size: 135×90×5cm

Battery capacity: 1800 mah

Power input: 5V 2A

Audio type: 4 o3W

Bluetooth output power: 3.5W-6W

Bluetooth version: 5.0


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Package List

1* Wireless phone Holder Speaker


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Wireless Phone Holder Speaker

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