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Waterproof Rechargeable Hearing Aid


Waterproof Rechargeable Hearing Aid


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Waterproof Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Experience the joy of clear and enhanced hearing with our Rechargeable Hearing Aid, designed to support individuals experiencing hearing problems or hearing loss, particularly older adults. This discreet and invisible digital sound amplifier is your cost-effective solution for improved quality of life.



We understand the financial concerns that come with hearing aids. That’s why our Rechargeable Hearing Aid is a cost-effective choice. Forget about constantly buying and replacing batteries – simply recharge them overnight, and you’ll have hours of reliable use throughout the day. It’s the newest and smartest option that is saving many people’s money on the long run.


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Rechargeable Hearing Aid: No more hassle of constantly buying and replacing batteries.

Invisible Design that is also comfortable and does not slip off.


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Powerful Sound Amplifier: Experience clear and amplified sound tailored to your specific hearing needs.

Cost-effective Choice: Save money in the long run with a smart investment that eliminates ongoing battery costs.


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Empowering Control: Customize the settings to suit your preferences and regain control over your hearing.

Waterproof Design: Designed to withstand moisture and ensure reliable performance in various environments.


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Improved Social Interaction: Stay engaged and actively participate in conversations with friends and family.

Easy to Use: User-friendly design for hassle-free operation and quick adjustment.


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1. Material: Medical-grade TPE environmentally friendly materials

2. Weight: about 3g

3. Current consumption: 1.2mA

4. Working time after being fully charged: about 48-72H

5. Maximum Output: 129+4dB

6. Maximum Gain: 29±3dB

7. Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤7%+3%

8. Equivalent Input Noise: ≤28


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Principal machine * 1

Earplugs * 4

Cleaning sweeper * 1

Charger * 1

Charger cable* 1

Charging box*1

Britzgo package box * 1


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Waterproof Rechargeable Hearing Aid

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