Wall-mounted Silicone Toilet Brush


Wall-mounted Silicone Toilet Brush


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Wall-mounted Silicone Toilet Brush

Don’t you hate it when the toilet brush remains exposed? Don’t you wish you could keep it in a closed space or something to make your bathroom look more organized? What about the brush’s bristles? Do they wear out easily and start falling off?



The solution to your toilet brush woes is the Wall-mounted Silicone Toilet Brush. Its soft and flexible bristles make it more durable compared to ordinary brushes. Plus, it’s wall-mounted and keeps your bathroom organized. 


Order your wall-mounted brush, keep your bathroom looking clean!

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Here’s why:

1. Keep the toilet brush clean and hidden away!

2. Keep your bathroom clean and clutter-free.


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3. Soft bristles are gentle on your toilet bowl

4. Stylish and convenient design.

5. Easy to use and comfortable to hold.

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Colors: Gray,Black

Size: 12×9.25×43.2cm

Weight: 0.32kg

Material: PP + TPE+APS

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1 x Wall-mounted Silicone Toilet Brush


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Wall-mounted Silicone Toilet Brush

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