USB Wireless Charging LED Table Lamp


USB Wireless Charging LED Table Lamp


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USB Wireless Charging LED Table Lamp

Want a desk lamp that can do more than just provide light? The USB Wireless Charging LED Table Lamp provides bright, natural light and wirelessly charges any Qi-enabled device. This means you can keep your phone or tablet charged nearby. The light also protects your eyes and reduces eye fatigue!


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Order your desk lamp and protect your eyes!

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✓ USB Wireless Charging LED Table Lamp: Provides bright, natural light while wirelessly charging any Qi-enabled device.

✓ 180° rotation lamp head to adjust brightness: One touch button to switch on or off.


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✓ Change color temperature: Choose between cool and warm light tones to match your environment or personal preference.

✓ Protects eyes and reduces eye fatigue: The light is easy on the eyes and helps reduce eye fatigue.


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Material: Metal
Voltage: ≤36V

Power supply: USB powered


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1 X USB Wireless Charging LED Table Lamp


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USB Wireless Charging LED Table Lamp

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