USB Micro SD/TF Card Reader


USB Micro SD/TF Card Reader


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USB Micro SD/TF Card Reader


Not being able to access your photos, videos, and other files because you don’t have the right type of card reader is frustrating. You shouldn’t have to waste time tracking down a specific type of card reader when you could be out enjoying your day.




Our SD/TF Card Reader is the solution you’ve been looking for. This design supports all PC/Laptop/Android Smart Phones/Tablets/USB devices so you can easily transfer files between devices without any hassle. Order your TF card reader!


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The memory card reader is made of durable, high-grade plastics and premium chips, making it safe and stable.

The slimline design is easy to store in your camera bag or pocket.

You can view video or picture of your monitors, camera, Drone and car monitors directly with your laptop on travel.


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Input Voltage: 5V

Output Voltage: 5V


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1 x card


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USB Micro SD/TF Card Reader

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