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Upgraded One-Key Guitar Chord Trainer


Upgraded One-Key Guitar Chord Trainer


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Upgraded One-Key Guitar Chord Trainer

Learning guitar chords is tough for two reasons. First, you have to remember where your fingers go. Then, you have to make your hand do what your brain is telling it to do. This alone makes many new players quit the guitar. The Upgraded One-Key Guitar Chord Trainer makes this process WAY easier and helps you learn in no time.




With support for 9 universal chords and 15 extended chords, it covers a wide range of popular songs, making it suitable for almost any musical preference. Using this tool is a breeze. Simply press the button corresponding to the chord name to effortlessly play the chords of your favorite songs. As you press the button for a chord, you’ll see and feel the correct finger positions, gradually training your muscle memory and improving your coordination. It’s that simple!

 Say goodbye to complicated chord diagrams and endless practice sessions!


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Simplifies the process of learning guitar chords.

Takes the guesswork out of finger placement on the fretboard.


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Automatically positions fingers correctly with the press of a button.

Helps bridge the gap between brain instructions and hand movements.


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Provides visual and tactile cues for improved coordination.

Reduces frustration and prevents new players from quitting.


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Boosts confidence and motivates continued practice.

Minimizes physical strain and discomfort during chord practice.

Makes learning guitar chords easier, more enjoyable, and accessible for beginners.


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Universal Chords: D, BM, F, C, G, AM, EM, DM, AM7

Extension Chords: cmaj7, csus4, Asus2, Bsus2, E, D#, C#, C#M, A#M, CM, Dsus4, Esus4, Am/c, F6, G#


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1 x guitar trainer



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Upgraded One-Key Guitar Chord Trainer

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