Universal Wall Smart USB Hub


Universal Wall Smart USB Hub


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Universal Wall Smart USB Hub


Want to charge more than one device while on the go or at work? With our Universal Wall Smart USB Hub, you can easily charge up to 4 devices at once, fast. The smart output will automatically identify the device and provide the appropriate current, while the real-time display screen displays time and keeps you informed of each port’s status.




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✓ Smart matching output: Automatically identify the devices and output suitable current.

✓ Universal compatibility: Compatible with smartphone, mobile, tablet PC, digital camera, MP3, MP4 etc.


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✓ Real-time display monitor: The LED display screen shows you the real-time status of the devices, each working port’s output current, and voltage.

✓ Applicable occasions: home, office, restaurant, entertainment venues, etc.


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The matching port number on the screen will light up when it’s working.

8 USB ports are named from 1-8 on the screen, For example, when you charge your mobile or ipad with port 8, then the number 8 on the screen will light up.


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Output: 5V 8A (MAX)

Material: PC+ABS

Wire: 1.5m


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1 x Universal Wall Smart USB Hub


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