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Universal Remote Control


Universal Remote Control


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Universal Remote ControlJust imagine the confusion of having to look for more than one remote or using the wrong one — is that the AC remote control or TV remote control? What’s worse is having to squint for the right buttons and straining your eyes.


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The Universal Remote Control can imitate the IR blast from any remote control so you control multiple devices with one remote! You will also easily navigate and flip channels or change the volume, turn on AC, with only 6 simple remote keys.


Save the money and the confusion of using more than one remote control!

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✓  Infrared remote control that works for stb / dvd / vcr / hi-fi / dvb/ amplifier/ player/ set-top box, copying IR from Samsung, IG, and all other remote controls.

✓  6 keys for simple use; on/off, volume keys, and flip keys to use for TV, AC, etc., so you won’t strain your eyes or miss your favorite show looking for the right key!


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✓  Rechargeable remote that works with battery: 2 x aaa (not included).

✓  10m launch range and 40 ° to 45 ° that you can comfortably and easily use without delays.


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✓  Durable and solid material that will last a long time.

✓  Specifications

Color: black, yellow

Launch range: about 10m

Launch angle: 40 ° to 45 °

Battery: 2 x aaa batteries (not included)


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✓  Package list :

1* Universal Remote Control


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Universal Remote Control

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