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Super Absorption Multi-use Microfiber Towel


Super Absorption Multi-use Microfiber Towel


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Super Absorption Multi-use Microfiber Towel

Have you ever seen a glossy tile, car, or desk that made you SWOON? Google it right now so you can get a fresh image in your head because that’s what you’re about to see in your own home, office, or car using the Microfiber Towel. This towel is made for people who don’t want lint, streaks, or fogginess on their window glass, countertops, desks, car windshields or leather seats, mirrors, TVs, and literally all surfaces. 



The highly absorbent material is also perfect for wiping off your soaked car, desk, kitchen supplies, glass, and screens. It’s also great for leather seats – leaving them feeling squeaky clean and fresh!

Hurry and get your super absorbent towel — keep your home and car looking new!

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Give any surface, including your car seats, desk, windows, and kitchen cabinets, the best cleaning possible.

Save more money on car washes: wipe your car knowing that you’re using highly absorbent towel.


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Make any surface look glossy and squeaky clean.

Wipe your tables easily after spilling water or beverages.





Material: polyester fiber

Color: as shown

Weight: 500GSM


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Package List :

3 x Microfiber Towel


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Super Absorption Multi-use Microfiber Towel

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