Sinus Headache Relief Massager


Sinus Headache Relief Massager


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Sinus Headache Relief MassagerDo you get frequent migraines that ruin your day and night? This headache massager with three modes (sleep, stress-relief, headache relief) is perfect for relieving headaches and migraines caused by stress, colds, inflamed sinuses, and more. Wearing it for only 15 minutes can help get rid of the pain faster and help you relax better. It’s super lightweight and very comfortable to wear even while lying down.

No more pain, anxiety, or sleep-deprivation — get your head massager asap!


So how doe sit work exactly?

It generates a very accurate electrical pulse using a low-frequency electric pulse technique. Morphine production affects the trigeminal nervous system, causing a shift in the migraine trigger threshold. Allows you to relieve stress, sleep better, and live a healthier life.


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Three massage modes:

  1. Sleep mode: low-frequency pulses relieve tension and stress, and enter a sleep state with a peaceful mood.
  2. Decompression mode: low-frequency pulses relax the nerves, relax the mood, and relieve the pressure of life and work.
  3. Soothing mode: stimulate the brain to generate endorphins, inhibit and relieve headache discomfort.


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Built-in battery: 200mAh/3.7V

Color: as shown

Material: ABS+ elastic band


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Package List :

1 x head massager



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Sinus Headache Relief Massager 

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