Silicone Finger Exerciser Strengthener


Silicone Finger Exerciser Strengthener


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Silicone Finger Exerciser Strengthener


Do you wish your fingers were more flexible and strong to play musical instruments better? Using this finger strengthener can be a very practical way of improving strength, endurance, agility, and speed. This can help you navigate your guitar better or prevent cramping during long sessions.




You don’t need a lot of time or space to do finger yoga – just a few minutes each day will help you see results. And because the tension levels are adjustable, you can start with the level that’s best for you and work your way up. It’s also perfect for anyone who does manual work, works out, paints, or writes on a keyboard for prolonged periods!


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✓ HIGH-GRADE MATERIAL: Made of silicone with great elasticity and high-grade neoprene and strap make the product perfect for anyone!

✓ BEST HAND EXERCISER: You can train fingers individually or together with different tension forces applied.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Comfortable and safe for your fingers. You can use it on both hands and pick between three tension options (20lbs,40lbs,60lbs).


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Material: silicone, alloy, fabric

Color: green (20 pounds), blue (40 pounds), red (60 pounds), black ( 75 pounds )


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1 x Finger Extensor Exerciser


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Silicone Finger Exerciser Strengthener

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