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Rescue Screaming Alarm


Rescue Screaming Alarm


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Rescue Screaming AlarmBeing physically strong is not enough to protect yourself against an attacker. You need a self-defense tool that can help you scare off your potential assailant before they get too close or alert others when you’re lost while hiking or when in need of urgent medical attention. 


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Whether you’re a senior living solo, a lost hiker, or anyone in danger, the Rescue Screaming Alarm will be your personal savior releasing a flashing bright light and a 130db sound that can be heard hundreds of feet away! At the same time, LED light helps with nighttime visibility when walking, running, etc.

Keep creeps far away, order the Rescue Screaming Alarm!

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Glare flashing: the strong light on the front will flash to attract the attention of rescuers.

Loud 130db sound that can be heard hundreds of feet away to scare off the attacker or buys you time to escape.


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LED light helps with nighttime visibility and helps you safely walk your dog, run, or exercise at night or while camping, hiking, etc.

Easy to activate, just pull the pin and the siren will scream loudly!

Small and lightweight (suitable for women, men kids) so you can keep it in your pocket, purse, belt clips, keys, etc.


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Specifications :

Color: Black, pink

Weight: 0.93oz (~26g)

Alarm loudness: 130dB


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Package List: :

1* Self-defense Screaming Alarm


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Rescue Screaming Alarm

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